Welcome to the Kleber & Associates blog! Here’s the latest on Marketing Home Products on Black Friday

Many know the day after Thanksgiving to be a time of long lines, shopping bags and incredibly deep discounts.  The pseudo-holiday that is dubbed “Black Friday” is a day that many consumers wait for all year long to get a jump on their Christmas shopping and to take advantage of marked-down items.
However, more retail stores have started a new trend this year.  Instead of waiting until the Friday after Thanksgiving to roll out the deals, many stores have begun their “Black Friday” discounts as early as October.  Giving stores access to the increased revenue that comes with Christmas shopping, this also appeals to those shoppers hoping to derail “last-minute shopping” headaches.
Lowe’s is one of the stores capitalizing on an early Black Friday concept.  Many Lowe’s consumers purchase home improvement products as gifts, but many others take on mini-projects and quick fix-ups for their homes in anticipation of guests and holiday parties.
Lowe’s used social media to roll out its Black Friday Sneak Peek Party promotion.  Consumers who “like” Lowe’s Facebook page could receive coupons for up to 90 percent off certain products.  The promotion worked well, as the Lowe’s Facebook page received 81.3 million post views in a 24-hour span.
It looks like the holiday season is extended to celebrate the great deals of Black Friday… all winter long.