These days, time spent clipping coupons has proved worthwhile for consumers. With weekly store ads in addition to online and mobile coupons, there are ways to save for everyone and everything.

In my house, collecting coupons from the Sunday edition of the AJC is the start of our weekly grocery trip. Sometimes, we get side-tracked by other ads. For example, even if we don’t really need anything from Kohl’s, we might splurge when a 30 percent-off coupon comes along. That vacuum we had our eye on suddenly becomes more accessible and less expensive.

That’s the mindset of a lot of consumers, too. Seeing a coupon for a product not needed but wanted makes a consumer think more about purchasing it, before it goes off sale. Even if your business has never thought of producing coupons because of the notion that consumers will not clip them…they will! (Even if only to “celebrate” National Coupon Month)

According to a new study by Deloitte, 67 percent of tested consumers are using coupons more since the recession started.

Where do consumers get these coupons? They get them through the mail, out of newspapers, downloading them from websites, or accessing discounts directly from their phones.

Surprisingly – and this should be another push for your business to market with coupons – the “2010 Great American Pantry Study” found that 81 percent of consumers think that it is fun to see how much they can save by using coupons.

Fun? “Saving has become a leisure sport,” states the She-conomy blog. “By offering [consumers] a coupon or discount, you are giving them a reason to visit your store. At the same time, you haven’t actually marked your merchandise down…You get more traffic and in turn build loyalty.”

So, think again about marketing your business by offering coupons. Clipping coupons is a trend that has been around for ages, reached a new high point during this recession and will continue to grow as the recession ends (93 percent of consumers expect to continue spending cautiously). Allow your consumers to clip!