In my previous post, I wrote about some basic rules of thumb when using Twitter, especially as a marketing strategy. Today, I’d like to include some of the specifics Twitter offers, like using hashtags and how search is essential for new business prospects.
Let’s start off with a couple more basics:

  • Know your audience. According to a recent poll, 69 percent of adults don’t know what Twitter is. Making sure your target audience is aware of the site is a good first step. If they’re not, create a Twitter presence, but put your focus on other areas for the time being. Keep in mind, however, that Twitter is expected to grow to 1 billion users by 2013; you’ll want to have an established presence.
  • Connect with your customers. Listen to what they’re saying and do your best to meet their needs. Just knowing someone is paying attention to what you’re saying speaks volumes. Just ask any Empire State Building employee who received ice cream from a company that listened to their tweets.

Twitter Tools:

  • Connect, connect, connect. Have all profiles and Web pages link to each other. This keeps customers on your radar, clicking from one site to the next. If you have a blog, include an option for readers to share the post via Twitter. You can even include your Twitter username on business cards!
  • Use search to your advantage. See what others are saying about your company as well as your competition.
  • Get organized. If you’re busy and on-the-go, or if there are multiple people sharing one account, using a service like Co-Tweet or TweetLater can help organize your life. These programs make it easy to schedule tweets in advance and keep track of followers automatically.
  • Track trending topics. Hashtags, if used appropriately, keep tabs on trending topics, events or news pieces by labeling them. When you put a hashtag (“#”) before a word, it will be grouped together with other posts in which that same word includes a hashtag. When searched, all posts including the word labeled in this way will show up together.
  • Follow the leader. Follow Friday is a popular way to let others know who you’re following on Twitter. It’s a way of saying, ‘Hey, check this person out – they generate interesting posts!’ Simply add “#FollowFriday” before your post, and list the names of those Tweeple you hold in such high esteem.

For even more tips, see a great post on essential tools for a Twitter strategy.
What have you found are the most beneficial uses of Twitter? Comment below, or follow me on Twitter @stevekleber.