Welcome to the Kleber & Associates blog! Here’s the latest on Marketing to Hispanic American Personas

As detailed in our 2009 Marketing to Hispanic Americans White Paper, Hispanic Americans make up 15.1 percent of the U.S. population and are the largest minority group in the nation.
With that stated, marketing to this group is extremelyimportant, especially through social media.
Why? Hispanic Americans are heavy social media users! For instance, many check Facebook every time they get online. More importantly, many click on Facebook ads that are relevant to their interests.
How can you market to Hispanic Americans with social media? According to a recent MediaPost’s Engage: Hispanics article written by Jose Villa, marketers can reach this group on social media by using personas.
“Personas are user archetypes that help guide decisions about product features, navigation, interactions and visual design,” Villa wrote. “I think personas provide an effective tool that can be evolved to include psychographic data to help brands effectively navigate the Hispanic social media waters.”
Through research for his “Hispanic Persona Project,” he and his team clustered the diverse group into five personas.
In Villa’s article, he shared three of these personas.

1. Super Users

2. Social Techies

3. Moderates

The “Super Users” do everything online and are early adapters and teachers of social media. They are always connected, and social media is their main source of entertainment. The “Social Techies” delve into social media because everyone else is doing it. Though, they are the first to respond to social posts and use social media to track people and friends. The “Moderates” are tech-savvy, but do not heavily use social media. They only use it to stay connected on an as-needed basis. This persona typically doesn’t use Twitter – only Facebook – and occasionally shops online.
Knowing and applying these personas, as you create social media campaign plans, should help you market to Hispanic Americans better. Furthermore, understanding these personas may even give you a unique opportunity to interact on another level.