Welcome to the Kleber & Associates blog! Here’s the latest on Mind-reading phones to help with home projects

We all dread customer support calls, right? Whether you’re the one complaining or being complained to, these calls typically involve one or more frustrated parties regarding a an insufficient product or service. Regardless of the situation, emotions can oftentimes take over, making it difficult to clearly define a person’s wants or needs.
This could all change with technology that can read minds. With newer smart phone technology, customer service calls will be a thing of the past.
Phones are our go-to item for just about anything. Beyond simple calls, phones track where we are and what we’re doing. We work remotely, listen to music, update our social media pages and look for restaurants – all from our phones.
Phones could soon know what you’re thinking or even what you’re planning to do after you leave a hard day at work. Do you want to exercise outdoors? A phone that can read your mind will guide you to the nearest park.
“Context-aware computing,” an idea that’s been around for two decades, is becoming more of a reality with the rise of mobile devices, says Intel Corp.’s research chief Justin Rattner. At Intel’s annual developer conference in San Francisco, Rattner showed a few examples during his keynote speech, including a prototype application Intel worked on with Fodor’s Travel. It learns what kinds of food you like and what types of attractions you like to visit based on searches you type into the phone or locations identified using GPS. The software can even make personalized recommendations when you visit a new city.
Although many tech companies are working to predict what people want, including Google, Netflix and Pandora, the technology is far from complete. But functions that can predict what people want before they know that they want it could pave the way for even smarter electronics that anticipate what a user may need in the future.
Think about what this could do for home and building. Smart phone technology could detect when a household appliance needs replacement, or anticipate remodeling changes. What kind of decisions would you want your phone to help out with regarding your home?