Have you ever been to a place that felt comfortable the moment you stepped foot inside simply because it smelled so good? It seems like today, more than ever, there’s a scent for just about anything. Whether you’re trying to evoke a feeling of happiness at your dinner party or just get into the holiday spirit, finding the right scent is fairly easy. From the smell of the ocean to baked goods – even burning leaves – scents make a huge difference in people’s lives. It’s no secret that a particular smell can bring back wonderful memories, transform a bad day and help even the most stressed out workaholic escape.

As we’re spending more time than ever at home – dining with friends, working from home, spending our weekends curled up with a good book…our time there calls for rooms that smell amazing. Whatever your scent preference, chances are – just like iPhone apps – there’s a spray, diffuser or essential oil for that.

Building on “The Sweet Smell of Success,” scents are considered refreshing in any environment – not just the office or a store. Beyond typical “scent branding” and business mumbo jumbo, it’s just as important to go home to a nice smelling house. Just like perfume, one should consider spending just as much time picking out a fragrance for home life. A home’s signature fragrance should be one that your friends can identify or your kids find comfort in daily after a hard day at school.

According to Barbara Miller, spokeswoman for the National Candle Association, “The most notable trend is toward fragrances that transport you; that have a dreamlike or escapist quality.”

Speaking of escape, many want their homes to smell like the great outdoors…even with the windows closed. Good Home Co.’s has a line of “ozone” scents that are considered refreshing and evocative of fresh air and water. When the weather gets cold, others prefer heavier scents like coffee and pumpkin because they scream “cozy.”

Many companies like Glade and Febreze are getting creative, launching products with attractive containers to match a home’s decor, yet Christopher Brosius continues to focus on highly creative scent ideas that are winning awards. The first to have fragrances showcased by the Cooper Hewitt Museum, his 1999 concoction, “Snow” won two Fragrance Foundation awards. His perfumes and home sprays carry names such as “Gathering Apples” and “Burning Leaves.” He even got inspiration from a favorite first-edition novel in a London bookstore, which he noted “had a marvelous warm woody smell.” Long hours of experimenting finally yielded “In the Library,” now part of his signature collection.

Let’s see what Brosius and other members in the industry come up with next. Until then, what’s your favorite fragrance for your home?