Are home improvement projects ever easy? Rarely. A new online initiative by Lowe’s – MyLowe’s –promises to simplify those difficult trips to the hardware store. The new tool, which enables users to create and maintain a home profile, stores much more than basic information. From room dimensions, product assignments and wish lists to recent purchases such as interior-paint formulas and flooring, MyLowe’s promises easy access to home improvement.

Beyond basic purchase history, the site also keeps track of warranty information, and offers electronic versions of manuals and paperwork instead of paper versions, which often get lost in boxes and filing cabinets. Features still to come include tools for room renovations, online sharing and subscription purchases of routinely needed accessories such as water and air filters… eliminating questions like, “When did we last change this?” Lowe’s also plans to develop a mobile application so that users can access their information straight from their phones while shopping.

Will MyLowe’s live up to its claim to revolutionize, customize and simplify home improvement? It’s hard to tell, but – combined with great deals and products that have done well in the market place (such as Valspar) – and a promise to constantly improve the system, Lowe’s appears to be on the right track.