Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

DensElement New Product Launch


As a leading innovator in exterior wall systems, Georgia-Pacific Gypsum’s engineers and chemists recently developed the first and only sheathing barrier system that provides a built-in water-resistive and air barrier while still maintaining high vapor permeability. G-P named it the DensElement Barrier System.


Kleber and Associates was asked to help launch this breakthrough product by first convincing influential architects, engineers and contractors to consider switching from their established sheathing product to G-P’s new technically improved offering. The campaign had to reach the right customers, inform them,
persuade them, inspire them!


K&A was challenged to match the product’s radically
different approach with an equally radical creative and compelling promotional campaign.

This challenge was met when K&A seized upon an analogy linking the product’s “breathable and sweating” properties to human skin. In giving the DensElement Barrier System more of a human touch, the campaign was able to strategically disrupt a marketplace full of expected common graphics with distinctive cutting-edge imagery.

In addition to media planning, the campaign elements included print and banner ads, pre-launch teaser postcards, landing pages, teaser and launch videos, digital and print event invitations, booth designs/displays and more.


Soon after the K&A’s awareness campaign rollout and trade show kick-offs, the DensElement Barrier System quickly garnered acceptance from the trade. So much so that it is currently being used coast-to-coast in sports, education, healthcare, office and residential construction nationwide projects covering more than twenty-three (23) states. Moreover, K&A won “Best in Class” in Architectural Record’s Excellence in Advertising competition. K&A also won Grand Prize in the prestigious MAX Award (Marketing Award for Excellence), beating out other prominent companies such as Chick-Fil-A, Delta Airlines, Arby’s and The Home Depot.

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