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Our tour of homes of the future doesn’t stop quite yet… let’s have a recap of what we’ve seen so far.

  • Our first futuristic home is eco-friendly and is displayed at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. If you recall, this home is incredibly green and sustainable, not to mention pretty cool!
  • Our second futuristic home is not meant to sail you across the deep sea although it may look that way!  This home, created by the Earthship World Headquarters, is built with recycled and natural materials.
  • Our third futuristic home is the SmartHome Cleveland which can be seen at The Cleveland Museum of Natural History.  It is energy efficient, and only 15 exist in the U.S.
  • Our fourth futuristic home brings a whole new meaning to home security!  This home can actually close up into a block of concrete and keep away any potential harm.

Now that we’ve taken a look back at all of our previous homes of the future, what’s next?  CNBC gives us a peak at some futuristic homes that may boggle your mind.  The Komb House, built by Karim Rashid, was designed to be more environmentally friendly while using the latest technologies. This funky futuristic home includes energy efficient appliances, solar panels that heat water, and LED lighting.  It can also be taken apart because it’s made from metal, wood, and glass materials.  Don’t worry, this home can be reassembled at any time!

Looking even further into the future, we have the AirDrop house created by Andrew Maynard Architects.  With all of the natural disasters that have occurred throughout the world, the idea of the AirDrop house is truly enlightening.  This home provides shelter in areas being affected by flooding.  The home is dropped into the flooded area where it then begins to soak up water.  As it’s soaking up the water, it actually grows into a full functioning home.  This may all seem unrealistic, but keep your eyes peeled… you never know what the future may bring!