Inaugural offering will deliver early leak detection notification while promoting water conservation 

ATLANTA – Dec. 13, 2017 – Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC), a leading manufacturer of plumbing brands SharkBite®, Cash Acme® and the recently acquired Holdrite® brand, announced today the launch of Streamlabs™, a new smart home water technology. Streamlabs was born out of RWC’s acquisition in November 2016 of Soneter, a Georgia Tech startup founded in 2010 by Jeff Leaders, who currently serves as director of business development for Streamlabs at RWC.

In what is being referred to as the “Internet of Water™” – the fusion of IoT (the Internet of Things) and plumbing manufacturing – Streamlabs is on the forefront of developing and commercializing smart home technology. The division’s innovative smart home solutions will help consumers, plumbing professionals and service providers rethink the way they use water.


Providing early leak detection notification and real-time data about water consumption habits, Streamlabs will help to protect against costly water damage, provide peace of mind and encourage a conservation mindset for end users. The ability to customize alerts and configure settings using a convenient smartphone app will enable monitoring of plumbing systems from any location with a wireless signal.


“We couldn’t be more excited about the launch of Streamlabs,” said Sean McClenaghan, U.S. CEO of Reliance Worldwide Corporation. “This new division is perfectly aligned with RWC’s strategy of market leading technologies, and continued category growth and expansion. Our commitment to investing in technology is enabling us to create additional value for our current customers and channel partners in the residential and commercial segments, while also opening up new growth avenues within the insurance and security provider markets.”


Aptly named, “Smart Home Water Monitor”, the inaugural offering from Streamlabs will be a non-invasive smart home water monitor that offers early leak defense and water monitoring capabilities in real time through a mobile app compatible with both iOS and Android devices.


The monitor will utilize state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology to deploy soundwaves both downstream and upstream through plumbing pipe, measuring the difference in “time-of-flight” between two specified points to obtain accurate flow data. The data will be recorded by the monitoring system, where it can be easily accessed by the end user. This technology, coupled with a simple, non-invasive installation method, opens up a unique opportunity in the market that has not previously existed.


Commented Jeff Long, director of marketing and operations for Streamlabs, “What we’re seeing is the emergence of a new category, the ‘intelligent water system.’ The integration of our rough plumbing experience and smart home technology know-how will allow us to deliver data to our customers in a timely, accurate and highly meaningful way while helping them to be more aware of their water habits. This is the just the beginning of a revolutionary new approach for thinking about – and more deeply appreciating – how important water is in our daily lives.”


Reliance Worldwide Corporation

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