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Increase Your Company’s Web Presence Through Social Media Marketing

The Internet is an incredibly valuable tool in our ever-changing marketplace. For business leaders and marketers alike, the Web will continue to play a critical role in how we connect and engage with current and prospective customers.
Seventy-four percent of American adults use the Internet, with 72 percent using it daily. It’s safe to say that if you’re a business leader or marketer trying to attract or maintain relationships with customers, the way to do it is online.
Link Building and Baiting
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the traffic quality and volume to a Web site from search engines via natural, unpaid search results.
Just as a fisherman hooks a fish and pulls it ashore, marketers should be using link baiting to hook customers. The goal is to increase the number of high quality and relevant links to a Web site. Marketers throw out bait to visitors by placing relevant content on their sites. Visitors are hooked and pulled in successfully when they decide to talk about the company on other sites.

The How-To

  • Create content, blogs or videos that will get people talking
  • Jump-start discussions by adding your link to other sites
  • Increase traffic and spread your content by enabling users to add your articles to their bookmarking or social media services. (AddThis and Social Marker allow users to add a button to their page and track how content is being shared.)

The Basics Behind Social Media Marketing
One of the secrets to social media marketing is understanding that like traditional marketing campaigns, it’s imperative to start with the goal—not the tool—as the strategy drives the technology.

Business Goal

Social Media Marketing Tool

Blog Podcast Video Social Network Online Community Search Engine
Increase Web site Traffic

Counter Negative Publicity

Crisis Communications

Engage Customers

Build Customer Community

Humanize Company

Although unique in their applications, all social media techniques take time. You can expect to see increased awareness and steady growth during the first few weeks of the campaign, but shouldn’t expect self-sustaining site traffic until after one year.
Social Media Marketing as the ‘New Marketing Reality’
Social media marketing paves the way for what we at K&A like to call the ‘new marketing reality.’ As marketers and business leaders, you likely realize that old marketing tactics are becoming extinct in today’s Internet-driven marketplace.
Familiarize yourself with the tools and tactics of social media marketing. They will increase your Web presence, search availability and Internet accessibility.