Welcome to the Kleber & Associates blog! Here’s the latest on Self-promotion Through Blogging

Journaling has always been a popular hobby among those who need a way to escape our busy world. A tradition spanning hundreds of years, journaling used to be a private matter where deep, dark secrets were kept in handwritten diaries… locked and hidden away from others. Today, personal blogs often replace diaries, with many bloggers opening up about their personal lives on a daily basis in favor of self-promotion. And they’re seeing major success.
Its flexibility and freedom allow blogs to be focused on just about anything – from style to parenthood to home design. Some have even turned blogging into a career. Others have capitalized on the success by leveraging themselves in industries difficult to enter.

  • Scott Schuman is a blogger who’s seen success in more ways than one. His blog, The Sartorialist, began as merely a hobby: one man capturing street style in New York City. It now has more than a million views per month and has created fame and opportunity that Schuman never expected. Now with a book under his belt and a definitive place in the fashion industry, he travels all over the world capturing photos of unique individuals that leave readers begging for more.
  • A former web designer, Heather Armstrong is currently living large. Her highly successful and often debated personal blog, Dooce, covers everything from postpartum depression and having kids to her former religion, Mormonism. Readers are drawn to her sarcastic tone and opinionated attitude as she reveals the truths of life through her daily rants that often result in hate mail. Dooce has brought so much success for Armstrong and her family that she and her husband run the site full-time. She often speaks at events across the country and has been featured endlessly online and in magazines.
  • A blog focused on home design and creativity, Design*Sponge is another site that started as a hobby, but turned into much more. Created as a portfolio piece for aspiring writer Grace Bonney, Design*Sponge got the recognition it deserved early on with a feature in the New York Times. Since then, it has become a constant source of inspiration for its diverse readers. Like many others, Bonney is now blogging full-time as she coaches others aspiring to start their own business.

In the digital realm, blogging is proving to be more than just a favorite pastime. With many successful blogs bringing in thousands of readers per day, businesses and individuals alike are recognizing the benefits of regular blogging as a form of self-promotion. Why not spread your message, knowledge or services through an outlet not traditionally thought of as advertising. Hey… it could even turn into a career.