From time to time, a social media platform launches that gets the right amount of attention from the right audiences. Such platforms begin to take hold and — seemingly out of nowhere — buzz builds. And marketers start adopting the new platform.

In the last year, interest has been building around the latest such platform, Clubhouse. Clubhouse is a “social audio app,” to quote its founders. That means there’s no video, very little text… and the only images are profile pics. The conversations are live and fleeting. With nothing pre-recorded. And nothing archived after-the-fact. “What happens in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse,” as they say.

What exactly is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse launched as an iPhone-only app in March 2020, and it released an Android version last summer. Whereas it was once available only via an invitation from an existing user… Clubhouse is now available to anyone who downloads the app.

So, why does this matter for building product brands? 

From its inception, Clubhouse has sought out influencers to host and lead conversations in its rooms, fueling the platform’s meteoric growth. In fact, Clubhouse recently announced that it is now facilitating 600,000 rooms per day … double from the number of rooms in May 2021.

The Clubhouse Experience

For a user, Clubhouse is something in between a podcast and a conference call. It’s a “led” — but unscripted — conversation. When an audience member logs in, they can enter an ever-expanding number of “rooms,” where up to 8,000 people gather to talk about specific topics. It’s reminiscent of the original Internet chatrooms of AOL or Yahoo… but now, in an audio only format.

Ultimately, the point of Clubhouse is live conversation. Users can schedule experiences in advance. And they can invite others to join in these conversations. And what’s more… it’s easy. Through a system of push notifications, you can be made aware of conversations you might be interested in… even when not using the app.

Training and Product Launches

When it comes to building product brands and manufacturers, Clubhouse offers lots of potential… making this platform interesting for social listening and engagement for relevant conversations. And, based on its current growth trajectory, Clubhouse likely will continue to draw in more and more building product industry influencers.

Yes, a building product manufacturer could use Clubhouse to train contractors and end-users on how to install their products. Clubhouse also functions as yet another platform for announcing new product launches. And where the latest industry trends and topics of interest are discussed.

The social element of Clubhouse means it’s also a great forum for listening to audiences directly… for soliciting their reactions. And why not? A number of architects, designers and other industry influencers have already hopped on the Clubhouse bandwagon. And more are joining every day.

We’re getting onboard with our clients’ brands. Strategically following relevant accounts. Participating in conversations. And using that engagement to strengthen and expand our influencer networks.

Getting Started

Downloading the app and filling out a profile makes a brand visible to other users. TIP: Use the search function to follow other relevant users and conversations. 

Once active on the platform, you can hear industry news and announcements. Listen to what competitors are saying. And talk to your audiences. Since Clubhouse is audio-only and nothing is recorded, we like to take notes.

As soon as a number of followers are collected, it’s time to start initiating and scheduling conversations. It’s enlightening to try different approaches.

Keep in mind that a conversation doesn’t have to be something as big as a product launch. Instead, perhaps it’s an announcement like a brand’s decision to adopt more sustainable production practices. Scheduling and initiating conversations about this type of decision and educating audiences about why it was made. 

A topic like this gives building product brands the chance to bring values to the forefront. And have meaningful discussions with relevant audiences. These conversations are excellent sources of instant feedback and a great way to crowdsource new ideas.

At Kleber & Associates, it’s important for our team to stay current and fluent as new marketing channels evolve. Interested in exploring which communication vehicles and platforms are the best fits for your company? We’re here to help. Send an email to Steve Kleber at to get the conversation started.