PCBC 2022 Puts the Spotlight on “The Future of Home”

After a two year hiatus, the K&A team returned to San Francisco in late June to participate in the Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC) 2022 summer trade show. PCBC attracts builders from across the U.S. and 25 other countries, and this year’s show — while slower than in past years — provided plenty of quality opportunities to learn more about the latest trends, reconnect with colleagues and enjoy a range of insightful educational offerings.

Our team was invigorated by the creativity and innovation that continues to push the residential building and construction industry forward. We were inspired this year not only by the many new products for interiors and exteriors, but also by the growing focus on making homes smarter, safer and healthier.

Here are some of our top picks from PCBC 2022.

Advanced Appliances

challenger brand making waves in the U.S. market, Beko showcased multiple appliances at the show, including its new CornerIntense® dishwasher line. The dishwashers feature a spray arm that rotates in a square on a moveable, rather than fixed, axis to provide more coverage while also using water more efficiently. In addition, three water-adjustable jets bring increased water pressure to specific wash zones, making it easy to clean tall bottles and jars with narrow openings. And the dishwasher door automatically unseals and opens to let dishes dry naturally, saving energy.

CornerIntense® dishwasher from Beko

Beko notes that its newest dishwashers use 50 percent less water and two thirds of the energy of traditional dishwashers. We wrote in the past about the brand’s innovative refrigeration features, which promise to keep produce fresh for up to 30 percent longer than the average fridge. We look forward to seeing more from this innovative brand and its parent company Arçelik.

Doors That Do It All

We were also impressed by the Masonite M-Pwr™ Smart Doors, which are the first residential exterior doors to fully integrate power, lights, a video doorbell (Ring) and a smart lock (Yale) into a single door system. The smart doors utilize patent-pending, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified technology to connect residential exterior doors to a home’s electrical system and wireless internet network. If a power outage occurs, an emergency backup battery can sustain system power for up to 24 hours when fully charged.

M-Pwr™ Smart Door from Masonite

Homeowners can remotely program and control motion-activated LED welcome lighting, and also confirm whether the door is open or closed at any time via a compatible smartphone app — providing valuable peace of mind. The premium fiberglass doors are available in a variety of styles, colors and finishes, including multiple glass options.

Getting Charged Up

Who would have thought electric panels could be functional and attractive? Well, we found one that’s not only smart looking but also offers a seriously smart way to meter, monitor and control every circuit throughout the home. The SPAN® Gen 2 Smart Panel serves as a home energy management system, replacing the standard electrical panel to become the control center for connected power. The panel essentially serves as the “brain” of a home, giving homeowners the ability to track how much energy they are using — and where — to help optimize energy use.

SPAN® Gen 2 Smart Panel

Users can turn on and off individual circuits using the SPAN Home App. During an outage, they can see how much longer they are able to run certain appliances and, if a multi-day outage occurs, determine whether a solar powered battery can power their home until power is restored.

The company also highlighted an EV charger that can schedule car charging for times when grid power is less expensive and temporarily reallocate power from other household appliances to enable fast charging, when needed.

Statement Making Railings

When it comes to outdoor living products, one brand that caught our eye during the show was Feeney. The architectural products manufacturer was showcasing its railing solutions, including the DesignRail® aluminum railing system, along with a range of infill options. We especially enjoyed learning about the variety of stainless steel mesh, laser-cut aluminum and resin panel infill options along with the Wood Grain Top Rail, which replicates the organic look of natural wood without the maintenance. Also on display was the brand’s ColorEasy™ offering, which enables homeowners to choose railings that complement the most popular siding, paint and hardware colors for a more seamless look.

Wood Grain Top Rail for DesignRail® with Mesh Panel Infill from Feeney

As homeowners spend more time enjoying their outdoor spaces, they are definitely paying more attention to decks and railings. It’s clear manufacturers are upping their game to provide products that are not only highly durable and low maintenance, but that also allow consumers to truly personalize their spaces.

Moving Forward

As always, the K&A team was thrilled to see the newest products and trends shaping the industry. It’s clear that, while in-person gatherings may have been on pause for the past couple of years, the innovation never stopped. In fact, we’d argue that recent events have propelled the industry forward in new and exciting ways. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

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