Welcome to the Kleber & Associates blog! Solar Restaurants? Check!  Here’s the latest.

The collaboration between Catalan designer Marti Guixe and Finnish culinary expert Antto Melasniemi takes cooking to another level. Their solar kitchen restaurant for beer brand lapin kulta presents non-traditional experiences by examining the relationship between food and nature. Think kitchens of the future, but better.

This environmental project has no boundaries, and it tests peoples’ patience and flexibility. On days with sunshine, the kitchen is able to serve something like barbecue, an entrée that requires high heat and hours of cooking. With less than favorable weather, the restaurant must adapt with meals that may be prepared with low temperatures, such as salads.
The solar restaurant takes a little more effort to run than a traditional restaurant with expensive equipment and prep time; however, the benefits of using the sun for cooking far outweigh the challenges. Apparently, time sequences that are much more progressive affect food processing, which changes the taste and texture of prepared foods when compared with traditional way of cooking. These techniques present a completely different tasting experience.
Held in 12 locations thus far, the lapin kulta solar restaurant was first presented in 2011 at Milan Design Week and is traveling this summer to visit a range of cities in Europe from August 4th to August 14th. If only they were coming to the states!