One of the more prominent themes promoted at IWF 2016 was environmentally friendly companies who generate products with that value in mind.  M. Böhlke Veneer Corp. focuses on preserving the temperate hardwood forests that provide the raw material to produce their veneers.  They accomplish this by only harvesting mature trees, allowing the younger trees to grow taller and stronger, healthier and faster.  Another company who is striving for more environmentally friendly products is CabiNEXT, who specializes in modular cabinet components.  One of the main goals of the company is streamlining cabinet production while reducing cost and waste.  By using almost every inch of the raw materials, the opportunity exists for significant savings by eliminating waste, and increasing output.  Additionally, companies such as Renolit, who develop high-quality plastic films for a number of technical applications, is also aware of its responsibility to the environment.  One of its primary company values is to maintain active participation in industry and regional initiatives by raising all employees’ awareness of energy management.  The consistent trend across the board with these three companies, among others at IWF, is to be an innovator in their particular field, and increase sales in a meaningful way.  However, one of their main goals is also to make a commitment to the environment, and continue to strive for ways their production techniques can be modified to increase environmental sustainability.