The 2008 IBS aisles were flooded with sizzling new building products, thought-provoking industry events, celebrated eco-friendly initiatives and celebrity appearances. K&A’s most exhilarating achievement was the Carey Brothers presence at Eternal® by Grand Hall’s booth! Third-generation contractors, the Carey Brothers – Morris and James – are well-known experts in the home building and renovation industry. With their numerous published “how-to” books, nationally syndicated weekly radio program and newspaper column, On The House, the Carey Brothers’ combined 55-plus years of experience aids millions by providing money-saving tips on building, remodeling and repairing homes.

Appearing twice at Eternal® by Grand Hall’s booth throughout the duration of the show, the Carey Brothers attested to the reliance and dependability of Eternal, as Morris Carey has the leading hybrid water heater installed in his home. Eternal – a premier hybrid water heating system – is engineered to out-perform all other water heaters on the market. Using patented counter-flow design and multi-pass heat exchanger technology, Eternal maintains an 86 percent thermal efficiency rating with consistent pressure. “The biggest change I’ve seen [since installing Eternal] is on my utility bill,” says Morris Carey. “I am receiving water at the temperature that it is supposed to be, and no longer have to worry about my tank running all the time.Tim Merritt, director of marketing for Grand Hall, was thrilled by the endorsement of the Carey Brothers. “I am a huge fan of the Carey Brothers and am elated that they see the Eternal as the most sophisticated water heating technology on the market,” he said.

Needless to say, the established reputation of the Carey Brothers drove in a multitude of attendees to the show and to the Eternal by Grand Hall booth. K&A couldn’t have been more thrilled – one our best tradeshow successes yet! K/BIS 2008 will be here before you know it. So, don’t forget to check out all the pre, during and post action by logging onto