Welcome to the Kleber & Associates blog!The kitchen is a purchasing benchmark.   Here’s the latest.


I remember a few years back, diamond distributor De Beers had a billboard which read, “Your kitchen can wait.” The point being, buy diamonds now… invest in your kitchen later. The kitchen was – and arguably still is – the benchmark by which we measure major purchases.
Most of us know the most expensive rooms of the home are often the kitchen and the bathroom. You’ve probably even wrestled with it yourself: Do we take a vacation, or do we remodel the kitchen? Which should we put off until later – a new car or the kitchen? And understandably so, as a remodel for the home’s most frequently used room can be quite pricey.
Advertisers have taken this approach as well. Take, for example, Bud Light’s commercial portraying a kitchen “remodel.” Of course, this takes a humorous and exaggerated approach, but it’s important to note the room in question.
We’ve put the kitchen on a pedestal. So shouldn’t significant research, innovation, helpful information, and marketing dollars go toward keeping it there?

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