Let’s face it: going green is here to stay.
Most have joined the eco-bandwagon, somehow incorporating green living into their ultra busy lives. Whether it’s a simple change like composting or an extreme decision like installing solar panels on their roofs, people are obsessed with reducing their carbon footprint. Unlike most fads, green living has been incorporated into everything from music to packaging to cars. What’s not to love about organic food packaged in a recycled box, an electric car or using recycled energy from the sun to power a house? There are millions of products out there devoted to giving new life to any endeavor. You don’t have an excuse not to go green.
Eco-friendly living isn’t just to enhance your personal life. In today’s economy, companies need more substantial initiatives that both explain their business objectives perfectly and connect with a broader audience – one that will notice green practices. Well, businesses are in luck. Tradeshows have gone green…in a big way.
In the music industry, band tours have continued to be eco-unfriendly because of the amount of energy and resources needed to transport entourages cross-country. Tradeshows – thankfully – are starting to encourage responsible practices as they pertain to the event.Think about what goes into exhibiting at and attending one of these events:

Materials for booths and supporting graphics are shipped across the country.
Business executives may fly first class, stay in expensive hotels and eat extravagant meals.
Thousands of promotional items are ordered and given away at tradeshows – most of which are thrown away once attendees return home.
Brochures and business cards are printed on expensive paper.

This all adds up to a ridiculous amount of energy…and your business may still go unnoticed.
Things have changed. Going green during tradeshows is becoming more common. (And Greenbuild isn’t the only event supporting best eco-friendly practices.) Put a skip in your company’s step by following these eco-friendly suggestions to marketing home products:

  • Go digital. You most likely travel with your computer. Utilize it at the tradeshow by pairing with a flat screen TV. Display information about your company, collect e-mail addresses, run contests and gather information. You’ll not only save paper, but your booth goers will have less to haul around.
  • Recycle differently. Offer people a way to offset their carbon footprint by strategically placing both a trashcan and a recycling bin at your booth. Your booth will be the talk of the convention, and you may even save a tree or two.
  • Eco-section your booth. Devote a section of your booth to environmental education. Outline the ways your company has gone green by offering a fun quiz that engages potential clients.
  • Carpooling. Offer carpooling to the friends, family and clients you know will be attending and visiting your booth.
  • Biodiesel Fueling Coordination. Work with a production team and drivers to arrange biodiesel fueling from local and sustainable stock.
  • Catering. Coordinate eco-friendly food choices, including locally-sourced organic food, green cleaning supplies and more.
  • Green Swag. Purchase green giveaways such as grocery store bags, pens made from recycled materials, or even seed packets for gardening. Even if the items get thrown away, they won’t spend years in a landfill.

If your business is practicing sustainability, reinforce it by showcasing green messages at your booth this year. Going green will get your company noticed by painting a brighter picture of your business objectives. Hey…you may even gain a few unexpected clients.