We’ve discussed “new consumerism” before, stating the current recession has led to vast changes in consumption attitudes and increasingly discerning consumers have also impacted marketing home products. Seemingly, our consumption-frenzied nation has now adopted the mantra, “it’s nifty to be thrifty” – continuously seeking cost-effective product and service options, and frequently switching to different brands and product categories.

For those who market home products, this presents both changes and challenges in the way we conduct business and appeal to our target audiences. What’s now more important than ever is to portray value and empathy in your marketing messages and to reinforce your brand authenticity.

On the other hand, as both a marketer and small business owner, I can’t help but wonder how long this new consumer attitude will last. Take a look at this video in relation to the future of consumerism.

Will consumers, having adapted a “less is more” mentality, stay the course? Or, when the black cloud of recession lifts, will consumers return to their former purchasing habits? What do you think?