As a nice little break from the daily grind, the team and I went to see “The Social Network” – or, the “Facebook movie” as many refer to it – last week. The film defines a generation and the way we interact with one another, make friends and even conduct business.
As soon as I heard of its debut, I knew I had to see “The Social Network.” Social media, to me, is the single most exciting thing I’ve experienced in all my years of marketing and advertising. It’s changed us completely. Sitting in the theater, I was completely fascinated by how this small website created in a dorm room…basically out of boredom (or so as the movie depicts) has evolved into a cultural Mecca. The phenomenon is surreal if you think of how common its use is, how frequently it’s referred to, and how vast its influence spreads.

Facebook’s awe factor lies in the fact that it single-handedly changed a worldwide culture. Consider the following.

10 ways Facebook has changed us:
1. Everything from mundane details to life-changing milestones can be shared with the world in an instant.
2. Our everyday vernacular includes the use of phrases such as “friend me,” “wall post,” and “relationship status.”
3. As pointed out in a scene of the movie that struck a chord with many watching, our relationships define us. And now, they’re posted for the world to see, as if it’s written on our foreheads.
4. Privacy, for many, has been tampered as Facebook friends and foe may track others’ whereabouts, activities and those who join them.
5. Long-lost friends and distant relatives are as close as ever since it’s easy to keep up with one another online.
6. Facebook, among other websites, fuels the need for people to feel connected 24/7. Users login at all times of the day, multiple times, even via mobile phone.
7. Businesses may demographically target consumers automatically, sending intriguing messages right where its audience is looking.
8. Dissemination of information is widespread and instant.
9. News posted on Facebook oftentimes spreads through its giant web of connections and reaches news feeds faster than CNN or local TV stations can report it.
10. No longer armed with a single-sheeted resume, job applicants are often researched and scrutinized on the social network before receiving an offer.
Overall, “The Social Network” does a great job depicting how Facebook – and ultimately the greater social media world – came to fruition. This includes drama, deception, mistrust and greed. After all, as the movie’s tagline suggests, “You can’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.”
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