“Sparkling” new product elevates grout to the next level

Marietta, Ga. – Sept. XX, 2018 – The Tile Doctor, a leading provider of innovative, high performance products for the tile industry, has announced the latest addition to its suite of designer grout options – Diamond Grout. The company’s newest jewel is literally that, grout that is encrusted with diamonds.

Diamond Grout, part of the Crystal Glass Grout Jewels® Series, has upped the ante, adding a revolutionary new finishing option for the most exclusive glass tile installations. Diamond Grout consists of a mix of fine diamond aggregate along with authentic diamonds in various shapes. In most cases, a single square foot of installed glass tiles will include seven or more carats of real diamonds infused into the grout.

The installation process is similar to that of regular grout. Fine diamond aggregate is added to the Crystal Glass Grout base, resulting in a rich, multi-dimensional effect that will refract light for a dramatic appearance.

Well-suited for glass tile showers, backsplashes, fountains or tiled mosaics, the applications for Diamond Grout are only limited by the imagination.

“We are always looking for new ways to help designers and consumers create even more beautiful and unique spaces,” said Curt V. Rapp, founder and CEO of The Tile Doctor. “We’re excited to introduce to the market a luxurious product that enables people to surround themselves with the brilliance of diamonds, to – in essence – ‘shower themselves with diamonds’ while taking a shower. We’re making that a real possibility.”

The grout will retail for approximately $200 per square foot and can be shipped anywhere within the United States and internationally. It will be available beginning in October 2018 through Westside Tile and Stone in Beverly Hills, California.

Diamond Grout builds upon The Tile Doctor’s extensive offering of Starlike® epoxy grout products, which are available in more than 159 colors and in a range of finishes – from solid colors to rich metallics and jewelry-like styles.

To learn more about Diamond Grout and all of The Tile Doctor’s offerings, visit www.tiledoctor.com.

To purchase Diamond Grout, visit www.westsidetile.com.

About The Tile Doctor®
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