Natural stone surfacing artfully merges the best of form and function

Marietta, Ga. – July 9, 2018 – The Tile Doctor, a leading provider of innovative, high-performance products for the tile industry, has introduced VersaLite Stone®, a thin veneer natural stone surfacing product designed to offer a lightweight, easy-to-install replacement for heavy natural stone slabs used in vertical and complex design applications.

Designed for use in both interior and exterior settings, VersaLite Stone products are available in slate, sandstone and quartzite options and are hand split and tooled to create a richly textured, dimensional surface. Offered as panels, ultra-flexible “fabric” and backlit panels, the veneer is 2mm in thickness and comes in standard 24″ x 48″ sheets and large format 48” x 96” panels, along with custom sizes. Architects, designers and consumers can choose from 24 color and texture ranges – providing optimal design versatility.

“Installing natural stone can be very expensive and time consuming,” said Curt V. Rapp, founder and CEO of The Tile Doctor. “The weight of stone slabs is a challenge, during both transport and the installation process. Then, there is the task of finding and hiring a qualified installer. In addition to providing a beautiful natural stone surface, one of the key advantages of VersaLite Stone is its ease of installation – professionals and even experienced DIYers can install it to transform virtually any space.”

VersaLite Stone lends itself to a broad range of applications – including curved walls and doors, pillars and partitions, as well as backlit applications. The natural variations in texture, grain and color of the natural stone are preserved, imbuing each panel with one-of-a-kind beauty.

Available VersaLite Stone options include:

  • VersaLite Stone® Veneer
    The split face follows the natural cleft of the stone for a very tactile look and feel. An unseen polymer backing allows the stone to function in new and unexpected ways.
  • VersaLite Stone® Fabric
    A very thin layer of natural stone is attached to a fabric backing. The resulting “fabric” is highly flexible, making it well-suited for a broad range of creative applications, including curved surfaces.


  • VersaLite Stone® Lite
    A thin layer of natural stone is laminated to a translucent fiberglass/polyester resin backing. Light is able to pass through the panels for colorful, visually stunning effects.

The thin veneer panels can be cut easily using a sheer or tile saw, eliminating the need to purchase costly new equipment for installation. In addition, a specially engineered adhesive enables the panels to be removed at a later time, if desired, without damaging the surface to which they were applied.

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About The Tile Doctor®
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