Welcome to the Kleber & Associates blog! Here’s the latest on The Truth Room: Millennials as the New Target Consumer

Here are the cold hard facts. Despite the poor housing market and debates on renting vs. owning, young couples are ready to start living out the American Dream, and it all starts with owning a home.
The Millennial generation is coming of age and entering that stage of life where they are moving out of their parents’ basements, getting married, thinking about babies and wanting to start building their own nest. Who are these ambitious young Millennials, you may ask. Well you probably know their parents – the Baby Boomers. America’s largest generation gave birth to a generation nearly as large and just as powerful. Right now the first of the Millennials are in their late twenties and early thirties and are the prime targets for new and existing home sales. And even though the economy has been less than desirable lately, Millennials are ready to start their own American Dream by owning a house. With favorable forecasts about the housing market for the future and pent-up demand, the buyer’s market is enticing more young couples to buy their first home.

And what do new homeowners need? Stuff to put in their home! Enter Sears and The Truth Room. Sears has taken note of the influence the Millennial generation is going to have on the economy, and its latest commercial reflects the Millennial spirit. Featuring a young couple in the market for their first home, Sears answers the question of where will the couple find all new appliances to fill their kitchen. A phone in the kitchen sink connects them directly to The Truth Room, a high tech center where “it’s raining cold hard facts” about where to find the top ten Kenmore appliances.

The Sears campaign is excellent for two reasons. It accurately identifies the next target market for home products. And it communicates with them by capturing their spirit and character.

Thinking that your brand could benefit from the business of Millennials? You’re probably right. But before you jump into the game with your own version of the Truth Room, there are a few things you need to know about this generation that makes them different from all previous generations. Our White Paper on the Millennial generation details the characteristics of this generation and how businesses can effectively connect with this emerging group of consumers.