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The English writer John Doanne wrote that “no man is an island” and that his well-being depended upon the well-being of others.

While parts of 2010 had me wishing I were on a tropical island, alone with my thoughts and a cool drink, my business was able to thrive because I continued developing mutually-beneficial relationships with professionals in the home, building, and marketing industries.

We are all part of this eco-system together, and even competitors can benefit from each others’ success. Here are some of my tips for developing your business in 2011:

  • Join or renew your membership to professional organizations. Even the most established business leader can learn new ideas from newsletters and make new contacts at seminars and other events.
  • Congratulate colleagues, potential business prospects, and friends on their success. If you run into a competitor you know, congratulate them as well. Recognizing the accomplishments of others results in goodwill, potential referrals, and a more positive environment.
  • Pick up the phone. Social media is a terrific tool, but catching up over the phone indicates that you took the time to make a personal connection.
  • Gain market share by implementing a focused marketing strategy. Communicate to your target audience when and where they are most receptive. Hire a marketing firm, if only for short-term projects.
  • Ask questions to friends and colleagues in related industries. When people feel valued, they reveal valuable information.
  • Donate your time, services, or materials to a non-profit you believe in. Ask for recognition in their printed materials; non-profits are accustomed to this request.
  • Try to have fun. You never know what opportunities may arise from a drink or a chat with a colleague.

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