Tile Doctor Shield® provides lasting, no-environmental impact protection
against a broad range of microbes

Marietta, Ga. – March 1, 2019 – The Tile Doctor, a leading provider of innovative, high-performance and eco-friendly products and solutions for the tile industry, has received a patent for Tile Doctor Shield®, the first non-toxic, eco-friendly antimicrobial product approved for application on hard surfaces, including ceramic tile and natural stone.

Based on an antimicrobial technology with more than 40 years of proven, safe use, Tile Doctor Shield (Shield) permanently bonds to hard surfaces and grouting products, effectively controlling a broad spectrum of microbes – including bacteria, fungi, algae and yeasts – for the life of the treated surface.

Recommended for use on horizontal and vertical surfaces in homes, hospitals and medical facilities, schools and universities, office buildings, restaurants and other public areas, Tile Doctor Shield does not rely upon heavy metals, silver, triclosan or other leaching materials that are known to emit low doses of toxins. In addition, Shield contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and inhibits odor-causing microbes, contributing to healthier indoor air quality. Because it is a bonded material, it will not rub off or migrate onto the skin.

“The Tile Doctor team is committed to bringing to market high performance products that are safer for installers, consumers and the environment,” said Curt Rapp, founder and CEO of The Tile Doctor. “Tile Doctor Shield is not only highly effective but is also non-toxic, has no environmental impact and is 100 percent safe for use in both residential and commercial applications, making it a game changer in the antimicrobial space.”

In contrast to chemicals and leaching technologies used in most antimicrobials, Tile Doctor Shield provides a mechanical mode of antimicrobial protection. Shield draws microbes onto a surface with magnetic force, rupturing the cell wall and making the surface inhospitable to a wide range of microbes. The antimicrobial does not dissipate or become depleted, and inhibits microbial growth as long as the treated surface remains intact. This continuous protection eliminates the need for harsh cleansers, keeps surfaces cleaner longer between routine cleaning and prevents deterioration due to microbial contamination.

Development of Tile Doctor Shield began in 2008, when Tile Doctor founder Curt Rapp was introduced to an antimicrobial technology first commercialized by Dow Corning in 1976. In 2009, Silver Cornia, a recognized R&D expert in the tile industry, joined The Tile Doctor team and, over the course of several years, perfected the application of the antimicrobial technology for fired ceramics and natural stone. The application underwent rigorous testing to ensure efficacy, performance and durability, as well as eco-friendliness and sustainability.

In June 2009, Tile Doctor Shield received international regulatory approvals for worldwide distribution and, in 2011, was named a finalist for Best New Product in the Edison Awards, an international awards competition that honors innovation and excellence in the development of new products and technologies. In late 2018, after a lengthy process, the U.S. Patent office granted The Tile Doctor a patent to protect the unique application process of the antimicrobial on tile and natural stone.

For more information on Tile Doctor Shield, visit www.tiledoctor.com/tile-doctor-shield.  

About The Tile Doctor®
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