Litokol Starlike® grout artfully merges aesthetics, quality and minimal environmental impact

Marietta, Ga. – July 16, 2018 – The Tile Doctor, a leading provider of innovative, high-performance and eco-oriented products for the tile industry, has introduced to the U.S. market Litokol Starlike® epoxy grout, a high-performance, non-toxic and eco-friendly grout solution designed to create statement-making tile applications.

With so many environmental hazards present in products that Americans use every day, many experts say the ecosystem is suffering at even greater rates than ever before. Whether toxic ingredients in health and hygiene products, the way in which food products are processed, or the billions of tons of trash disposed of each year, the environment is at risk. Dangers are present even in products not normally considered, such as the grout used for tile installation in construction and home improvement projects.

“The Tile Doctor was built on a philosophy that the products we offer must solve a problem, be game-changers in some regard, have the highest performance and/or have the potential to be a fashion leading improvement,” said Curt Rapp, founder and CEO of The Tile Doctor. “We recognized a compelling need to minimize the environmental impact of grout and grout-related products in the U.S. market, and truly believe Litokol products have the power to transform the tile industry.”

Most types of grout, including cement grout and other epoxy grout products, are labeled as hazardous and corrosive, and are accompanied by warnings to avoid skin and eye contact as well as instructions for specialized disposal methods. Porous by nature, cement grouts often contain an anti-microbial additive to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. According to experts and environmental groups, these anti-microbial additives can be toxic to the water supply. In general, tile regularly comes into contact with water that is disposed of in drains, placing entire water supplies at risk for contamination in cases where toxic products are used.

Starlike epoxy grout products are safer than other epoxy grouts because they do not contain harmful chemicals or any of the antimicrobial products found in many of those grouts, have very low emissions of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and have been proven to have no negative impact on the installer or the environment.

In addition to being safe and environmentally-friendly, Starlike products are stain- and crack-resistant, work on almost any surface and are durable enough to withstand even the most extreme conditions. Further differentiating Starlike is its ability to function not only as a grout but also as a setting material and a decorative wall finish.

Starlike grout is offered in a broad range of styles and aesthetics, including more than 159 colors and finishes – providing virtually unlimited design options. Colors include classic and traditional hues for a more subtle effect, along with glamour and glittering styles, metallic colors for a more modern approach, “Jewelry-Like” Crystal Glass Grout Jewels®, and translucent Starlike Crystal Glass Grout for bringing glass tile installations to life.

Adds Rapp, “From a designer seeking a versatile grout solution that will differentiate their project to a contractor looking for a safer, easier to use product to a homeowner seeking an attractive, low maintenance grout solution safe for kids, pets and the environment, Litokol Starlike grout provides an innovative new option.”

The Tile Doctor is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Starlike® grout products, which are manufactured in Rubiera, Italy and adhere to the highest quality, environmental and safety standards.

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