Marketing Home Products at Tradeshows on a Tight Budget

It’s no secret that tradeshow attendance and morale has declined over the last few years due to obvious reasons that stem from challenges in the housing market and economy. As a result, many home products marketers have felt the effects of slashed budgets, oftentimes forced to cut back on tradeshow marketing spending.
To make the most of your tradeshow marketing dollars, it’s important to have a well thought-out plan in place. Just like any marketing initiative, having a tradeshow plan and strategy is the key to tradeshow marketing success.
Below are my top three tradeshow marketing tips to maximize ROI.
1. Capitalize on pre- and post-show activities
Many home products marketers focus solely on at-show activities and neglect pre- and post-show potential. Your tradeshow marketing plan should encompass all three facets of the show. Tell your audiences what you’re offering before the show, show them and then remind them again after. These three points of contact will make you stand out from the crowd and provide enhanced opportunities to make an impact on your important customer audiences.
2. Take advantage of media opportunities
Earned media coverage is a huge benefit for tradeshow exhibitors. Take advantage of media opportunities by implementing a strategic media relations plan or partnering with an integrated marketing firm with tradeshow marketing experience. Schedule in advance at-booth media appointments, put together a compelling press kit for distribution at the event’s press room or at-booth media stop-bys, and make sure to follow-up with the media after the show.
3. Consider co-op advertisements
Tradeshow promotion and advertising is critical to your tradeshow success. But it’s also expensive. So why not consider co-op advertising? Co-operative advertising unites the budgets of manufacturers and their clients in selling products, promoting services and enhancing brand awareness.  When it comes to getting the most for your advertising dollar, co-operative advertising can be your most powerful, revenue-generating opportunity. These programs decrease advertising costs and increase customer traffic by building a solid link to a brand name they already carry, which in turn stimulates sales in “momentum” markets.
I could go on and on, but the post is titled “top three.” For more insight on tradeshow marketing, check out our upcoming K&A white paper on how to build successful tradeshow marketing campaigns. To register for an advance copy email me at There will be more tradeshow marketing tips to come…stay tuned.