As we look for new inspiration in 2011, I’m sure you’re wondering how to enhance your home in the New Year. Of course, it’s not surprising that many of last year’s trends will continue into 2011; however, there are many new trends worth mentioning. Eco-friendly interiors and do-it-yourself techniques will stay strong as many look to save a few bucks while going green. As for a few more…

Playing up color saturation: A big, beautiful trend this year is the interaction between dark and light colors. Although it used to be considered awkward to pair bold colors with drastically lighter colors in the same space, the interplay of contrasting colors – especially different shades of the same color, will grow in 2011.

Maximizing small spaces: Making the most of your small space is easier than you think. With mini-mansions a thing of the past, the need for conserving space and taking advantage of every square inch is important to families. The first step to revamping your small space is realizing you have too much stuff. Painting walls lighter colors, installing flooring diagonally and tall furniture can make all of the difference in a small space. Remember: keep it simple.

Home getaways: Getting away is an important trend in 2011. Now, it’s easier than ever to do it without actually going on vacation. Creating a space that helps you escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, or even makes you forget about unanswered e-mails, is amazing and achievable. Greenery on a patio, spa-like bathrooms and plush bedding will make your home feel relaxing.

Family-friendly spaces: As families become really busy, spending time together is more important than ever. The idea of “family conversation areas” is becoming more popular as families look to multi-task while spending time together. 2011 will see more kitchens incorporating an island area so kids can do homework while mom cooks, and covered patios allow parents to relax while the kids play with the dog.

Making outdoor living fun: Coordinating outdoor spaces with the home’s interior is constantly evolving as we look to bring nature inside. Still, we can’t forget about enhancing our outdoor spaces, especially because we spend so much time outside during the warmer months. Outdoor kitchens promise fun in the sun, delicious food and great conversation.

Look to PANTONE for inspiration: Every year PANTONE picks a color of the year. In 2010 it was Turquoise, which served as an escape for many. In 2011, Honeysuckle, a dynamic reddish pink, is said to help many face everyday troubles with verve and vigor.