Incorporating green products in today’s homes continues to escalate as emergent homeowners become increasingly educated about eco-smart options for new builds and remodeled homes. Energy and water conservation are among the highest priorities of today’s green homeowners, most prevalent in the integration of high-performance toilets and energy-efficient roofing options. There are countless other green initiatives that safeguard our world’s resources that are migrating slowly to the forefront of consumers’ minds, meriting continued consideration.
Below are the top two other ways to befriend Mother Earth and help you save money in the process.

1. Passive solar
Products that utilize technology to convert sunlight into usable energy are the new trend in energy conservation. These types of products produce air-movement for ventilation or cooling and also store heat for future use without the assistance of other energy sources. Passive solar systems have minimum operating and maintenance costs and emit no greenhouse gases and fossil fuels during operation. Three basic types of passive solar design include direct and indirect solar gain and isolated solar gain. Other passive solar building techniques are defined by the position of the building or home, the properties and the external environment.

2. Hybrid water heaters
Hybrid water heaters are the latest water heating solution and provide hot water only when needed. In addition, they don’t produce the standby energy losses associated with storage water heaters Some of today’s most innovative manufacturers are going beyond the call of duty to create products that are exceptionally eco-smart. Grand Hall, a K&A Client, recently launched Eternal, a premier hybrid water heater that provides a superior performance solution to the shortcomings of both tank and tankless systems. Its counter-flow water heating technology provides an 86 percent thermal efficiency rating without the temperature fluctuations common with other water heating systems.

The green movement will continue to gain momentum as the years pass. As today’s homeowners become increasingly aware about the benefits of new, innovative eco-smart initiatives, you can expect today’s manufacturers, builders and remodelers to develop additional products and design plans that are both eco-friendly and reflect the latest green trends.

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