Welcome to the Kleber & Associates blog! Here’s the latest on Trending: Less is More

Every company’s goal is to get its brand noticed by its target audience. But with so many brands out there, a new trend in brand awareness is surfacing: Less is More.

Apple is a perfect example, as its products have become very streamlined and modern while keeping a minimalist design. The logo has also illustrated minimalism, as Apple’s first logo was shown in a scene with Isaac Newton, and has since progressed to a simple, clean, silver apple.  When viewing the storefront of an Apple store, there is no “Apple” or “Mac” title on the storefront; it’s just the logo.  Similarly, Shell Gasoline eliminated the company name from its logo and has since gone with the iconic seashell shape.  This is synonymous with the minimalist aesthetic, but also displays how the title of the company is simply not needed. Apple’s target market recognizes the brand immediately upon seeing that silver apple logo.

A few days ago, we wrote about Starbuck’s logo redesign.  This is just another example of “less is more.” Starbucks is identifying its brand not by its name, but by the mermaid that is now the entirety of the logo. By removing the “Coffee” from the logo, the company could have the opportunity to expand its product line and feature more than just coffee and tea. This has already become apparent with Starbucks offering different items for sale in its shops, such as CDs and apparel.

What other companies should possibly look at brand and logo minimalization?  Only time will tell, but we do know that, for Apple and Starbucks, less certainly means more.