Welcome to the Kleber & Associates blog! Here’s the latest on Trends in Sustainability from Greenbuild

While the hot topic among the educational sessions was “LCD, EPD & transparency,” Greenbuild Expo, the world’s largest fair in sustainability, delivered innovative solutions for both business and homeowners in search of sustainable solutions. Exhibiting from a recycled container, the Office Depot booth was, showcasing one of the best products for interiors: a water machine, as they call it, which uses the same condensation process of an air conditioning system to deliver fresh, clean, drinkable water.  One of this product’s hottest features is its ability to deliver high quality water free of heavy metals, without requiring any access to plumbing. All you need is a power source connected to an outlet. It is literally “Plug and Drink”.
Another hot trend in sustainability is the vertical wall. More and more commercial, retail, hospitality and residential properties are surrendering to the beauty and functionality of having a vertical green wall installed indoors. Considering certain species have the power to purify the air quicker than others, many consumers are now making use of a green wall as an alternative to achieve better indoor air quality. From an interior design perspective the product can be financially comparable to custom-tailored artwork; however, the ROI is much higher, including the health benefits.
Innovative as always, Sloan delivered a new line of side mounted dual flush products. The best feature of such a line is easy access to grabs bars in a handicapped stall. Providing the same level of water conservation, this line is also more affordable than their top mounted dual flush collection. Still focusing on water conservation and accessibility, Sloan’s released a line of faucets that are operated by solar technology, similar to the one used on calculators. Adopting clean lines and a modern look, these faucets provide easy access to the end user (handicapped or not).
Schools were also included in Sloan’s audience. The company launched a line of sinks with easy access for maintenance. All operational parts (including valves) are located on the top of the sink; easily accessible by lifting the lid.
Last but not least, Vermont Natural Coatings was a very well visited booth. Their main product: an environmentally-friendly line of wood coats and sealers made of whey, an agricultural source. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, it has very low VOC and resists extreme weather variations, making the product appropriate to be used anywhere in the world.
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