“You don’t change things by solving problems. You solve problems by changing.” – Paul Hawken (speaking at Greenbuild 2010)

It’s incredible to me all the strides in sustainability and brilliant innovations we see year after year at Greenbuild. We have all witnessed the effects of the green movement…which isn’t really a movement at all anymore. It’s a way of life. It’s expected. It’s demanded – in personal life and in business.
Greenbuild’s organizers take eco-friendly practices seriously, encouraging exhibitors to creatively construct booth sites from recycled material, providing plenty of recycling receptacles throughout the convention center and recycling the carpet on which the event’s 25,000+ visitors walked on throughout the three-day event.
Bamboo played an integral role at the show, as it is one of the most ecologically responsible wood-alternative materials available. Other quite notable trends were LED lighting, water conservation & reuse and recycled composites.
Though you very well may have kept track of a play-by-play via Twitter’s #Greenbuild hashtag, here’s a look at some of the show’s noteworthy brands and products.

  • Boral Roofing has a solution to smog problems: its new “Smog-Eating Roof” contains a catalyst that, when exposed to sunlight, breaks down nitrogen oxide molecules, reducing air pollution and smog.
  • Evapco’s thermal ice storage system saves water and energy by creating ice at night when utility rates are cheaper and saving the thermal energy for cooling use during the day.
  • Icynene promises to have some big announcements coming to January’s International Builders Show, but at Greenbuild showed off its 100% water-blown Spray Foam insulation that contributes to LEED points in homes and commercial buildings.
  • Putting empty beer bottles to use, Knauf Insulation uses at least 30% post-consumer content in its EcoBatt product, which includes about 25 to 35 bottles worth of recycled glass in every package of insulation.
  • LG Hausys, from the well-known LG family, is the company’s building material systems component. LG Hausys manufactures solid surface areas for sustainable design concepts using recycled, nonporous and GREENGUARD® certified materials such as acrylic and porcelain.
  • Introducing its brand new product at the show, NanaWall is the first to offer sliding and folding doors with laminated bamboo frames.
  • Oceanside Glasstile boasted one of Greenbuild’s most beautiful and colorful displays with its hand-cut, hand-cast mosaics and tiles made of post-consumer recycled glass and raw material.
  • Why didn’t we think of this? Rainwater Pillow is a rainwater harvesting system that sits under a deck or crawlspace and collects rainfall in a large “pillow,” storing the water for household use and significantly reducing the need for city water.
  • Teragren’s bamboo flooring is harvested only at maturity, ensuring a quality, high-performing product that is 154% harder than oak. The company offers bamboo countertops, panels and veneer in addition to flooring.
  • Used in residential and commercial construction to increase energy savings, ThermaCote is a ceramic coating used to bring clean air quality indoors while protecting against fire and corrosion.
  • VAST Pavers makes driveway and patio installation easy and green with “bricks” that are made of up to 95% recycled tires and plastics and fit easily into the company’s grid system for fast installation and easy alignment.

Check out our photos from the show on K&A’s Facebook page, as well as the video interviews below straight from the showroom floor.