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When it comes to snack time, would you choose carrots over potato chips? Let’s be honest – probably not. You might change your mind if the packaging of foods in the produce section were as powerfully executed as their neighbor, junk food. Compared to snack foods, fruits and vegetables have a long way to go in terms of packaging. Sure they look delectable in perfectly stacked rows or even piles in the produce section, but they’ve got nothing on a tube of Pringles.

What can a simple package makeover do for a brand

Baby carrots are ready to show everyone that they’re more than just a vegetable. Introduced in the mid- to late 1980s, baby carrots are not “babies” at all, but smaller carrots cut, shaped and peeled from the normal, larger carrots you’d find piled at the store. Their popularity is due in part to their versatility, size and convenience; however, they’ve remained on store shelves recently. Many are buying, peeling and cutting regular carrots in order to save money.
Baby carrot farmers are hoping to turn that around by launching a campaign that markets the crunchy snacks as daring, fun – even naughty – using crinkly packing, festive and bright colors and punchy messaging.

“This campaign is about turning baby carrots into a brand,” said Jeff Dunn, CEO of Bolthouse Farms, the nation’s top baby carrot producer. “We think ultimately long-term here we’re going to turn it into a very vital brand in the mind of consumers.”

Think about taking a lesson from baby carrots’ new look. A website adorned with rock and roll music, billboard messaging with a twist, television commercials depicting mad scientists and women lusting over carrots, and a fair amount of social media involvement – a vital component of successful marketing today – are putting baby carrots on a path toward success.

It’s what’s outside that counts.

The product is exactly the same. Just its packaging has changed. How can home and building products follow in baby carrots’ footsteps? Would different packaging change consumers’ opinion about say, a paint can?
The idea of re-vamping your brand every once in a while applies to any industry…whether it’s vegetables, apparel, or home and building products. By getting a little creative, your product could take on a whole new personality and function, appealing to a more widespread audience.