You’ve seen how far some will go for prizes as small as a free lunch. Think about game shows putting contestants through goofy obstacle courses, or kissing a fish at the supermarket in order to take it home for free. But having someone pay your mortgage? That’s a freebie offer to turn heads.
So what does it take? Up-and-coming advertising firm Adzookie is promising paid mortgages for homeowners willing to have their house painted in the form of a giant advertisement for the company. The stipulations are that the house must be painted for at least three months and be in a location that allows it by law. (The unwritten stipulation: your neighbors will likely gripe.)
Adkoozie is a mobile ad network that places ads for local businesses for free in exchange for allowing Adkoozie ads on their own sites. Painting the company’s logos, colors and social media icons on houses is its bold move to drive more traffic to their site and services.
What do you think of this advertising move? Would a paid mortgage be worth it for you to have your home transformed into a giant billboard? How far have you gone for “free”?

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