Be honest—who would you trust more to tell you the unbiased truth about a product or service: the product’s manufacturer, or some anonymous blogger writing a review online?
If you answered the “anonymous blogger,” you aren’t alone. Today’s savvy consumers trust third-party opinion writers much more than paid advertising or brand-sponsored websites.  According to Technorati’s Digital Influence Report, blogs are among the top five sources of trustworthy information, and when it comes to actually influencing purchase decisions, blogs rank #3—even higher than Facebook. In a study conducted by BlogHer, 81 percent of online consumers said they trust the advice they read in blogs, and 61 percent have made purchases based on a blogger’s recommendation.

Using Bloggers Effectively
So how can you get bloggers to write about your product? How much does it cost, and how do you know you’ll get a good return on your investment? The truth is, there are no easy answers. With 172 million Tumblr pages and nearly 79 million WordPress blogs on the web, the trick isn’t just finding a blog, it’s finding the right ones. Most blogs are very narrow in focus, which means their audiences are highly targeted (and valuable). The better a blog aligns with your brand and your product, the more likely you’ll reach the audience you’re looking for.  As for the cost, there are no easy answers there either.

Bloggers have no pre-defined rate cards; there are no set standards, so the terms can vary, to say the least. Some bloggers request free product samples, while others charge thousands of dollars to sponsor a post, based on site traffic and influence. With so much consumer trust placed in third-party bloggers, however, the potential ROI should be obvious; one endorsement from a powerful blogger can wield tremendous influence with your target audience. That influence can also reach across multiple digital channels (typically, bloggers don’t just write on their own blogs, they also post opinions on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest). In the realm of public relations, blogs definitely have the potential to be highly rewarding. It’s a tantalizing prospect—millions of websites with devoted followers looking for the next great product, ready to engage.
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