YouTube used to be a venue for sharing videos with family and friends or to feature crazy comedy sketches.  Today, marketers are all over YouTube using it to their advantage. In fact, YouTube is so popular and serves so many digital advertising functions, its ranked number 2 on top search engines. We still use YouTube to post comedy sketches, but YouTube has now become a competitive platform for businesses to build, brand and market their companies.

Some companies use YouTube to demonstrate tutorials, present Frequently Asked Questions, discuss reviews, juxtapose before and after home renovations or show expert interviews. YouTube also provides important metrics in how many views the video received and how much user and viewer engagement is achieved.
Not just a great way to market your business, it’s a fantastic means of interacting with your audience. For example, some companies have fan-made video contests or video replies. YouTube has many communications options such as “Subscribe, Like/ Dislike, Hashtag, Comment and Share” on other social media platforms.

Companies like using YouTube to brand themselves because it shows a face and voice behind the name. For example, our client Walpole uploads videos of its woodworkers working behind the scenes, which shows its attention to detail, value and quality. Of course, Walpole can simply state that they value quality and superior customer satisfaction, but videos are more believable.
Walpole also did a great job with branding through YouTube by uploading a video of the overview and history of the company. In this video, it walks the audience through the company’s culture, workers and steps in building these products. The video does not simply say what kind of company it is, but rather shows it, instead. This puts a face and voice behind a company, so consumers don’t just see it as a brand name.

Another client that takes advantage of YouTube is WoodTrac, applying smart YouTube branding practices by using customized pages with colors, pictures, letter styles and logos consistent with WoodTrac website and social media imaging.

There are many ways to take advantage of YouTube to promote a company or just simply brand them in a better way. While images are great to show a product or business, videos will show a more personal engagement with the viewers by showing a company face and voice consistent with their brand.

~ Amy Yee, guest blogger

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