At Kleber & Associates,

we focus exclusively on building

materials sales and marketing.

We build better brands that

build better homes and buildings. 

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We don’t just work on building products.

We specialize in them.

With over 28 years experience, we know the industry.

We know its trends and its trade shows.

The key media contacts, gatekeepers and influencers.

We even have the only Blogger Network dedicated

exclusively to building materials marketing.

The Kleber Critique: Skipping the Middle Man… Lowe’s Becomes Their Own Media Channel

In this era of content marketing, brands are increasingly being presented with a challenge — and an opportunity — to reach audiences in new ways. That is requiring some new approaches that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.
One of those new approaches is for brands to become their own media channels, instead of (or in addition to) relying on third-party print, broadcast and digital media to carry their messages.

The Kleber Critique: Trulia “Hammerfy” vs. Zillow “Obsessed”

Zillow & Trulia offer contrasting approaches to engaging customers (or not engaging them)
Zillow and Trulia offer nearly identical services to consumers searching for real estate. In fact, Zillow is the parent company to Trulia.
But their approaches to engaging customers (or not engaging them) couldn’t be more different, as seen in each company’s most recent marketing campaigns.