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we focus exclusively on building

materials sales and marketing.

We build better brands that

build better homes and buildings. 

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We don’t just work on building products.

We specialize in them.

With over 28 years experience, we know the industry.

We know its trends and its trade shows.

The key media contacts, gatekeepers and influencers.

We even have the only Blogger Network dedicated

exclusively to building materials marketing.

Hardware was plentiful at 2016 IWF

by Tana Suggs There were plenty of products on display at the International Woodworking Fair held August 24 – 27 at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, and tradeshow attendees may have noticed there was no shortage when it came to hardware. Whether you’re a...

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Black Attack

By: Dominique Lescalleet   For some, the color black has an ominous connotation, but at this year’s International Woodworking Fair, Aug. 24-27, 2016 in Atlanta, this dark hue outshone the rest of the spectrum. From glossy acrylic cabinet door finishes to...

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