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we focus exclusively on building

materials sales and marketing.

We build better brands that

build better homes and buildings. 

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We don’t just work on building products.

We specialize in them.

With 30 years experience, we know the industry.

We know its trends and its trade shows.

The key media contacts, gatekeepers and influencers.

We even have the only Blogger Network dedicated

exclusively to building materials marketing.

What can we learn from Rust-Oleum’s troubles?

Ah, the good, old days of advertising. You used to be able to make unsubstantiated, but mostly plausible, claims about the capabilities of your product. You could use copy like “Twice the Coverage!” in a yellow starburst to get consumers’ attention. It wasn’t necessarily completely accurate, but it made the point that your product does more than expected. Not anymore…

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