At Kleber & Associates,

we focus exclusively on building

materials sales and marketing.

We build better brands that

build better homes and buildings. 

Advertising  •  Marketing  •  Public Relations  •  Social Media

We don’t just work on building products.

We specialize in them.

With 30 years experience, we know the industry.

We know its trends and its trade shows.

The key media contacts, gatekeepers and influencers.

We even have the only Blogger Network dedicated

exclusively to building materials marketing.

How To, and How Not To Use Technology to Reach Consumers

Here’s breaking news: emerging technologies are changing the way consumers see the world. Here’s more breaking news: home and building product brands are trying to leverage these new technologies in anxious efforts to stay relevant and to capture the attention of...

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Q3 Building Products Outlook | GlassBuild Show Report

While recent hurricanes amplified concerns about labor and construction material costs, builder confidence remains firm. Not even floods, geo-political threat of thermonuclear conflict or $1,000 iPhones could test the resilience and passion at The Glass, Window &...

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