PPG takes a page from Apple’s playbook with a campaign to beautify schools around the world. The initiative will have a lasting impact on the communities it serves. And the students who see their products every day.

It seems like summer just started, and we’re already thinking about going back to school. For those of us of a certain age… back-to-school shopping meant backpacks, notebooks, pens, pencils. And maybe even a calculator.

Today’s schoolchildren have another essential on their list: a laptop. Whether it’s provided by the school, or the parents choose to buy it — laptop computers are a requirement for high school students — and even younger. More often than not… the laptop of choice is a Mac.

And when those kids get out of school and buy their own laptops, they’re more likely to choose another Mac product. That’s thanks to some very smart marketing by Apple.

It’s a marketing campaign approach that paint producer PPG is following… adding their own twist.

Brighter Schools, Brighter Students

The premise is simple. By making their laptops available to schools at a volume-discounted rate, Apple is helping kids to use technology as part of their education.

Most importantly from a marketing perspective, they’re also creating brand loyalty.

PPG’s approach is similar. Though they’re not putting paintbrushes and rollers in the hands of middle schoolers.

Through their “New Paint for a New Start” program, the company has dedicated the summer months of 2023 to beautifying schools around the world. Twenty-five schools will receive a transformative makeover — with fresh coats of paint inside and out — applied by PPG volunteers.

Of course, every homeowner knows what a fresh coat of paint can do. It can brighten up a space. Transforming it from a dull room… to something new and energetic.

PPG is applying that thinking to schools. When the kids return to class in fall, they will find their schools to be fresh and new.

But PPG is providing more than just paint. The program also includes sustainability initiatives as part of each project. As well as funding for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) supplies.

It’s a smart initiative that will create brighter schools — brighter students — and ultimately, loyal PPG customers.

Lasting Impact

To be clear, the PPG initiative is different than Apple’s, as the students are not the ones doing the painting. But they, along with the teachers, will enjoy the results of the program every school day for years to come.

“PPG understands that color can enhance learning and create spaces where students feel comfortable and encouraged. We carefully selected colors that pair with the learning objectives for each classroom while considering factors including students’ ages and local, cultural influences”

Kiersten Lent
Color & Design Specialist, PPG

Each community will take notice, too. Businesses, governments and parents will see the positive impact of freshly painted classrooms on their local kids. Perhaps the parents will be compelled to paint their kids’ rooms. And maybe the kids will get to help out.

Yes, there’s an increased likelihood that the cans of paint they choose will be from PPG.

Branding strategies like this — that are designed to impact young people — are smart, in so many ways. They are altruistic and genuine. Providing a real benefit to the children who need it.

They’re simple and obvious. Schools around the world are in need of maintenance. With a simple gesture of providing some new paint — kids feel like they’re in a new school — and they’re filled with hope and optimism.

Finally, this type of campaign creates enduring and memorable results. The communities will recognize the impact PPG is making. And they won’t soon forget it.

The kind of brand loyalty PPG is building is bound to carry over to the children as they grow up and begin painting projects of their own.

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