Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

DensDeck Roof Boards


Ever since Georgia-Pacific’s DensDeck® Prime Roof Board rolled out in 2000, it has become the most trusted and durable roofing cover board in the industry. Its superior strength plus its resistance to fire and moisture provided a marked increase in a roofing system’s lifespan. This was the product the industry had been waiting for. However, Georgia-Pacific just couldn’t leave well enough alone.


The company challenged Kleber and Associates to boost educational awareness of its product’s long-term performance advantages over gypsum fiber boards. The assigned takeaway was to prove to architects, roofing consultants and contractors that DensDeck® was the obvious choice of premium roof boards.


Under K&A’s newly created theme, “Real World Performance,” the agency focused on DensDeck® Prime’s superior performance as it confronted a roof’s primary lifespan nemesis: moisture. Conceptually, the campaign provided bold, disruptive design elements that saluted the messaging in a very dramatic fashion.

Content-wise, the campaign’s heading, “Beware of Moisture’s Hidden Dangers” cited supporting claims that went well beyond standard laboratory trials. Instead, the messaging was backed by on-site testing that provided important, practical and competitive statistics as they related to absorption rates, soak testing and flex strength after recovery.

This research data was also prominently displayed in bold, three-dimensional graphics at G-P’s booth at the 2017 International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas.

The media plan covered all the appropriate communication channels including print advertising, tradeshow components and direct mail.


Boost educational awareness! Within just a few months after launch, the campaign accomplished exactly that. According to Professional Roofing magazine, the official publication of the National Roofing Contractors Association, our G-P ads garnered the highest readership response rating of any ad in their publication. Now that’s real world performance!

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